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My husband and I LOVE food

Thanks for stopping by the check out what I am cooking! My name is Nicole and I am an aspiring Registered Dietitian, runner, and avocado-loving girl! As a former Division I track athlete and foodie, I have always had an adoration for all things food and the way it powers the body to accomplish amazing things. My passion for food and nutrition is equally matched by my love of cooking. You put me in a kitchen and I will make something…and then proceed to eat it.

When I was in college, I had been limited to the food offered to me in college dining halls. My desire to eat well led me to become more creative in the dining hall, and that imaginative thinking fuels all of my creations in the kitchen today!  I am all about making nutritious, delicious meals that fit my busy lifestyle and fuel my movement.

No matter what your culinary experience is or what your food preferences are, I hope you are entertained by my writing, enjoy my pictures and have fun making/eating all the recipes I have to offer!


10 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you so much! It’s an honor to be nominated and I look forward to passing along my own list of nominations. And thanks for the kind words: I definitely have more fun and creative recipes to come!

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