Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Bread

I must apologize it really has been too long.

photo (6)

LUCKILY, I come bearing a bundle of delicious recipes! Between travelling for Thanksgiving, getting busy with work, and trying to make sure I still get enough sleep (I am one of those people who need a minimum of 7 hours, non-negotiable), cooking has really gone out the window. No more, people! No more! I am back and cooking/baking up a storm for Christmas!

For me, the time starting with Thanksgiving and leading up all the way through New Years is simply the most cheerful time of the year for me. I wouldn’t say it’s when I am the happiest (for me that time is summer: a season of sunshine, beaches, and ice cream) overall, but the general merriment in the month of December is absolutely contagious!

Anyways, general cheerfulness for me leads to baking. I really like baking and cooking for other people during the holidays. And I decided to start this culinary marathon with a recipe I have yet to try before: a Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf.

photo (7)

It’s all thanks to Christina over at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. She whips up some of the tastiest recipes, and this one is no exception! It’s flavorful, it’s packed with antioxidant-bearing blueberries, and the texture is perfect for a quick bread. The tartness of the lemon is a nice touch, and I would be prepared to make another batch right away because these loaves will go fast!

Get the recipe here.



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