Personal Banana Bread Loaf

Single living is not easy when it comes to baking.

I want to bake, all the time. If you looked at my browser history from 7pm-10pm on any given night, most of the pages are linked to Or Netflix (my obsession with the show Psych cannot be denied).

Anyways, I really wanted to make banana bread, but obviously if I made a whole batch I would eat it all. And as delicious as it is, that’s a big loaf. So I decided to make my own personal Low Fat Banana Bread.

How cute is that?

What I did was simply take my Low Fat Banana Bread recipe and cut it in half. That simple. It fit into a personal bread pan perfectly. The bake time was more like 30 minutes instead of 45, but other than that it’s the same recipe. Easy to eat in one sitting, but let’s be honest banana bread tastes best right out of the oven.


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