Falafel Burgers

My mom and I have recently been trying to eat healthier. After watching the Food, Inc. documentary, we realized just how low in quality some of the food we consume can be, and meat was the specific focus of the film. Not that I am going to stop eating meat (I was actually chowing down on a hamburger during the beginning of the film), but I did decide that I wanted to support the local farmers. In addition, my mom decided to institute meatless Mondays. Enter the Falafel Burger.

I put my burger on pita bread, so that the fillings could be the stars of the show. I did not even speak during dinner because I was so focused on enjoying this culinary creation.

Lauren decided to put her falafel on a focaccia bread: perfect alternate for when we are out of burger buns and want a more “burger like feel”. Yes-my refusal to drive to the grocery store can sometimes turn into a good thing!

It was incredibly tasty, and light in flavor with the combination of fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber sauce, among other toppings. The burger was also surprisingly filling for being meatless! My friend Lauren came over for dinner that night, and she loved the falafel burger so much that she wanted to come over the next day for round #2! I could do a meatless meal any day if it is this burger.

We served the burger with a simple pasta consisting of sauteed mushrooms, onions, and peas. Super simple, easy dinner that in total took less than an hour to make.

Falafel Burgers 


1. Recipe for the burger patty and cucumber sauce: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/seans-falafel-and-cucumber-sauce/

2. Tzatziki sauce

3. Chopped lettuce and sliced or chopped tomatoes

4. Optional items: Sliced cucumbers, Sriracha

5. Pita bread, burger buns, focaccia bread (I might even try it in a tortilla or wrap next time)

It’s as simple as making the burger recipe and assembling. So satisfying, so worth it, and actually allowed me to go meatless for a meal (not an easy task I’ll let you know). Enjoy!


One thought on “Falafel Burgers

  1. Hey Nicole!
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog. The BBQ in the pizza sauce is a smooth move for sure, but this is my favorite post so far. Falafel by be the world’s best fried food, but I hadn’t thought of using falafel as a veggie burger before. I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna have Mediterranean soon now. Keep up the good work and good luck incorporating vegetarian and gluten-free recipes in the future 🙂

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