The Quest for the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

You could say my friends and I are obsessed.

We would not deny our love for a good classic breakfast sandwich, so much so that Missy, Magda and I have created our own “Breakfast Club” in which we try a new breakfast sandwich once a week and add it to our rankings.

I am pleased to announce that the “Harvard and Greater Cambridge Area” list is finally to be revealed.

I apologize for keeping this from all of you for so long, but now that I am finally done with school (where did those 4 years of college go?) I have the free time to really reflect and full explain #1: breakfast sandwiches are the best and #2: why I spent a good portion of my time focused on this rather than say, academics.


#1: Crema Cafe’s Egg Sandwich (Scrambled eggs & cheese on toast, bagel, homemade English muffin or croissant (please ask for available add-ons!))

Words can hardly describe the delicious flavors going on in this sandwich. First, the homemade English Muffin is key. The crispy buttery flavor of the bread adds a lot. Second, those add-ons make the sandwich so much more interesting! Avocado is a must, and the fresh tomato slices and ham if you feel adventurous are also part of what make this sandwich so wholesome, so good, and easily #1 on my list.

#2: The “24 Hour Market” Breakfast Sandwich

Think of this sandwich as an omelet placed between two slices of bread. So cheesy, sofilling, and for only $5. Count me in!



#3: Flour’s Breakfast Egg Sandwich 


I love Flour Bakery for their lunch items and baked goods. Now I will go there specifically for breakfast. Think fresh soft bread, perfectly cooked egg and melted cheese. Oh, and we added avocado and tomato which only makes it better. The mustard that is usually in the sandwich we found to better be left on the side and added as desired.

#4: Clover Food Lab’s Breakfast Pita (Whole wheat pita, fresh tomato, fresh cheddar and a soft boiled egg)

My friend Sydnie holding a delicious Clover Breakfast Pita

The egg is what really makes this sandwich good in my mind. The pita is soft and warm, but the gooey egg takes this simple sammie to a whole new level. Clover boasts a lot of fresh and healthy food and this breakfast option epitomizes that. It is not a particularly filling sandwich, but it is definitely worthy trying!





#5: Darwin’s Breakfast Sandwich: “The Mem. Drive” (Medium Eggs, Bacon, Avocado and Cheddar Cheese)

I feel like this one should be ranked higher since it has everything I love about breakfast sandwiches. And they pan fry the eggs when you get there, and usually scramble them a bit with some of the toppings which is really nice. It is honestly a solid choice and worth that super over-full feeling you will get in your stomach when you eat the whole thing (been there, done that).

#6: Panera’s Power Breakfast Sandwich (whole wheat bread, smoked ham, egg and cheese)

This sandwich is a solid choice, albeit extremely simple. Nothing wrong with the sandwich, but nothing too special about it either.


That is the list thus far. I graduate in 3 days (and have decided that the 4 years of college must have been accelerated because there is no way I can be leaving already) and I plan on trying to keep the Breakfast Club together for as long as possible. Keep looking for updates!


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