Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

I just could not resist.

When I saw blue cheese in the salad bar of the dining hall, I just knew that I had to make some sort of dish involving buffalo chicken. Partially because buffalo chicken and blue cheese are perfect accompaniments, partially because I love all things hot and spicy-and okay, it might have also been because I really wanted to use the panini maker.

Since I was away for track training in Houston all of spring break I was unable to really make anything beyond a simple PB&J. Pretty much every meal I went out to eat. Not that it was a bad thing to eat out; it’s just by the end of the week I really wanted to make something. On the topic of spring break, let me just say that being in warmth and sunshine has done so much for my level of happiness; and returning to Boston to an equal amount of pleasurable spring weather has given me a bright and positive attitude. Thank you, Vitamin D!

Anyways, back to the important stuff: the food. The quesadilla is super easy to make. It is packed with flavor and perfect for adding some variation to your meal. It takes some wait time (I would say about 5 minutes), but that allows you to wander around the food counters, or if you’re me go chat it up with the HUDS dining hall staff.


Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

1-2 tortillas (depending on how famished you are)

Grilled Chicken

Frank’s Hot Sauce

Sprinkle of blue cheese (exact amount depends on how much you like the flavor of blue cheese)

Shredded mozzarella/cheddar (to make the quesadilla cheesier without the overpowering  the flavor that blue cheese has)

Diced red onion

Diced tomatoes

Ranch Dressing (optional, but totally delicious)

Amounts of specific ingredients can be altered according to taste preference. For example, I douse my grilled chicken in about 4 tablespoons of hot sauce, and use about a 1/4 cup of tomato, an 1/8 cup of onion, and 1/2 cup of cheeses to make my buffalo chicken quesadilla. The assembly of the quesadilla itself is pretty simple. First, chop chicken and mix it with Frank’s hot sauce. Next, sprinkle half of the cheese on a tortilla. Add the chopped chicken, onion, tomatoes, and the other half of the cheese. Top off with other tortilla (or fold tortilla over if you’re only using 1 tortilla). Set into panini press and wait until cheese is nice and melted. Enjoy dipping into salsa or ranch dressing.


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