The Breakfast Sandwich

Midterm Day: the perfect day for a power breakfast. Any given day I will eat something different in the dining hall; from a muffin and yogurt parfait to peanut butter and banana toast, I can never guess what I am going to crave any given morning. One thing is for certain I love having eggs on a test day. Maybe I think eggs will make me smarter? Or maybe I know eggs will keep me full long enough to get through the 90 minute exam without needing a snack.

Regardless, I LOVE breakfast sandwiches. They have everything essential to start the day off right and the taste delicious.


Yeah, I know yum!—wish you could have one right now? Luckily they are quite easy: just take a couple ingredients and 5 minutes and you are well on your way to awesomeness (and acing your next exam)!


2 Hard-boiled eggs

2 slices bread (I used sandwich thins, but English Muffins are my usual go-to and hold the sandwich better)

Ham Slices (optional, but adds more protein! Turkey works as well)


Cheese (I like pepper jack or cheddar, but any cheese will do!


There are two methods for making this egg sandwich, and it depends on what your supplies are looking like. I will describe both the Panini Press Method and the Toaster Method.

Panini Press: If you’re lucky enough to have access to a hot and ready Panini press this method is quite simple: peel and slice your hard-boiled eggs and layer them with the cheese, tomato and ham between the bread slices, then press it and wait until your cheese is nice and melted.

Toaster: If you do not like the idea of using the Panini press or it’s not heating up quickly, the Toaster method is the way to ensure your sandwich is still warm. Just toast your bread slices, butter them and assemble the ingredients. The warmth of the bread and hard boiled eggs will ensure that the cheese still melts, which is truly makes the sandwich (at least to me—cheese makes everything better).




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