Chicken Veggie Panini


You know those days you walk into the dining hall and see nothing that looks appetizing?


Yeah, it was one of those days, and there were not enough tater tots in the world to satisfy me. So it was time for one of my go-to lunchtime creations: the panini.


I seriously do believe that panini presses are one on the greatest inventions to come into the cooking world. Melty cheese makes everything better. And you don’t have to be making a sandwich to even utilize it! 


Today; however, was a sandwich sorta day. And since I was feeling the junk food consumed over the weekend, I figured I would make this sandwich chocked full of healthy fresh veggies, available right in the salad bar! Here are some ingredient ideas for a delicious and colorful chicken panini:

Bread slices (I used pita bread)

Grilled Chicken 

Provolone Cheese (for the obvious reason: melty goodness)



Mixed Greens, spinach, or any leafy green lettucs


Cucumber slices

Avocado (if available, I never find it in the dining hall but being a CA girl sometimes I cannot help buying an avocado at the store-trust me, it’s worth it)




While the panini press is heating up, spread hummus on the pita slices. Add cheese to each side of the pita, and then pile on the sliced tomato, onion, corn, and meat. Stick the sandwich in the press, and while it’s doing its thing feel free to prepare the fresh vegetables that you will add. Once the cheese it nice and melted, the panini is ready for removal from its lovely place of creation. Once on your plate, add any vegetables onto the sandwich that you’d like. (I add the lettuce and cucumber after pressing because I like them crisp in contrast to the warmth from the chicken and cheese). 

Slice, Serve, Enjoy!

The beauty of this recipe is that it takes no time at all, and you can put in whatever ingredients you feel like! Experimenting with different spreads (like mustard or BBQ or salad dressing) is a really quick way to add flavor. This recipe is a great way to have a healthy and delicious meal.


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